As your Floyd County Sheriff...

I will

  • Wear the uniform with pride
  • Be involved in communities, schools and youth groups
  • Be attentive to the needs of Floyd County municipalities
  • Work and train with other public safety agencies
  • Provide law enforcement that is accountable and fair
  • Maintain a functional chain of command

I will not

  • Accept inappropriate conduct
  • Have to apologize for my behavior or actions
  • Ignore the needs of the county
  • Forget to put the citizens first
  • Forget the accomplishments and progress of those before me

I am a veteran of two foreign wars and currently work in the county’s largest law enforcement agency. I have been active in fighting many crimes and dealt with natural disasters locally. I have more active experience and knowledge in incident command, team formation, and the creation and implementation of action plans to address immediate danger and disaster on a moments notice.

I have actively worked on local criminal activity including armed robbery, homicide, drug search warrants and arrests, domestic violence, missing children, internet fraud, mail scams and drunk driving among many others.

As sheriff, I will continue to fight all crimes.

I have assisted in local natural disasters including ice storms, flooding and the devastation of tornados in the area.

As sheriff, I will work closely with public safety and emergency management services in disasters and emergency situations.

A Lifestyle of Commitment and Dedication

Those who know both my wife Tami and I know that we dedicate our time to our professions and our community selflessly. We have made a choice to dedicate our time to our employees, co-workers, community, state and country because it is what we enjoy doing. We could spend time detailing the efforts we’ve made to bring jobs to the area, listing the extensive hours we’ve spent assisting in disasters, talking about how we volunteer, serve on committees and assist at community events or the countless hours, days, months and years spent doing our job. These are things we do for self gratification, not for public recognition. These things are part of our lifestyle, one of commitment and dedication. However, as important as these choices are, they are not the most important thing when making your choice for a leader.

What is Important This Year is Your Expectations.

What’s important this year is that you look at how county law enforcement and county safety can be benefited by all the candidates.
Investigate what steps all the candidates have taken to better educate themselves personally on the skills and knowledge needed to become a more informed and well rounded leader. Ask your mayor or city council how they feel about the level of non-emergency services received from the sheriff’s office and how each candidate can improve it. Make a list of the positive changes that have been a result of the actions of the candidates in the last four years. Consider when you last saw the candidates attend or be involved in your community events or with your community leaders in the last four, eight or ten years.

Even though I haven’t gained all of my experience in Floyd County, I have gained more experience and knowledge in ways that are not accessible or attainable by the other candidates. It is true that diversity can be gained through adversity; however there are many levels of adversity. I have already experienced adversity in ways that have yet to arise in Floyd County. I have the knowledge and skills needed to address those adversities before they happen and will provide training to better equip Floyd County when and if the need arises.

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