Involvement in the Community

William Vetter is a member of several groups, boards, and organizations, serving his community in many ways. Browse through the list below to see where he is already making a difference.

Floyd County Veterans Affairs
Past Chair

Miission is to assist Floyd County Veterans and/or their dependents in securing their county, state, and federal veteran's benefits under the law.

Iowa State Police Association
State Member

The Iowa State Police Association has worked hard to benefit not only the membership but for all law enforcement officers across the state. The Iowa State Police Association works in the state capital lobbying for changes in the law that will help street officers better perform their duties. The Iowa State Police Association also works to improve the pension that members receive when they retire. Often times the Iowa State Police Association uses a grass roots effort to pass on information to all members of the law enforcement community that is of particular interest to them. The Iowa State Police Association is proud to be the largest association of Law Enforcement professionals in Iowa.

Floyd County Child Abuse Prevention Council (FCCABC)

Mission is to end child abuse in the county. Its single-minded focus on prevention is unique in the child abuse field, where most efforts involve counseling and treating children and families after abuse has already occurred. Providing families with appropriate and timely social support, crisis/respite child care, and education reduces the risk of child abuse. Social support breaks down the isolation that many parents experience and helps them build the connections they need. Crisis/respite child care enables them to survive periods of high stress. Education teaches parents how to communicate effectively and manage better their children's behavior and instructs children how to avoid abuse.

Free Our Children of Unhealthy Substances (FOCUS)
Floyd County, member

Promote and sustain collaborative efforts that have a positive impact on youth. Having a healthy community where all children, adults, and families of Floyd County can thrive.

Iowa Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
State Member

Iowa's drug endangered children efforts are a coordinated response to the impact of parental/caregiver substance abuse on Iowa children, who are often found to be living in deplorable conditions; neglected and suffering.  Iowa professionals are coming together as teams to provide immediate intervention and follow-up care for these children. The Iowa Alliance for Drug Endangered Children defines drug endangered children as children who are at risk of suffering physical harm or neglect as a result of illegal drug use, possession, manufacturing cultivation or distribution.

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
State Member

CADCA has been training local grassroots groups, known as community anti-drug coalitions, in effective community problem-solving strategies, teaching them how to assess their local substance abuse-related problems and develop a comprehensive plan to address them.

Pact 360
State Member

Partnership between police and the community designed to deal with existing drug issues and rapid response to drug threats to reduce illicit drug use and its accompanying criminal behavior thereby improving the safety and quality of life in the community.

Fight Crime Invest in Kids
National Member

National Organization Invest in Kids School and Youth Violence Prevention Plans which greatly reduce crime and violence and make the community safer.

Iowa Crime Prevention Association
State Member

The law enforcement community is trained to discourage and interrupt crime, and bring criminals to justice, and they do it well. 

As citizens, though, we all are the front line of crime prevention and can do a lot to discourage criminals from choosing us and our charges as targets. What we do to protect our families, our businesses, etc., is an individual and subjective decision, based on our sur­roundings, our circumstances and capabilities.

Families Making Connections
Chapter Member

Three county chapter (Floyd-Mitchell-Chickasaw) Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Poverty and Mental Health. Community-based voluntary prevention program designed to screen, identify, coordinate services, make referrals and work with families with children ages prenatal to 18. Serving Floyd, Chickasaw and Mitchell counties, program goals include increasing parenting skills and reducing risk factors contributing to incidents of child abuse. Families Together works to preserve the family as the central support system for children by empowering parents to be the best teachers, mentors, and role models. The program provides parenting education by using a variety of curriculum, role modeling appropriate behavior, and acting as a referral source within the community.

Marine Corps League
Life Member, North Iowa Detachment

Life Member

National Night Out
Local Committee President

Neighborhood Watch
Community Liaison between citizens and the police department


Local Organizations Vetter is a member of

  • Floyd County Groomers

  • Local HOG Chapter

  • Chamber of Commerce

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