The Issues

Interagency relations.  Living in a largely rural area does not allow the advantage of having a large force of law enforcement when major incidents occur. The rural communities must rely on the cooperation of several agencies for daily issues in addition to cases of natural disaster, terrorism or other large scale operations. Cooperation also plays a key role in solving crimes, combating drugs, and protecting people and property. Keeping the lines of communication open, sharing ideas and expertise, training together and working as a team with a common goal will result in increased safety for officers and the communities, quicker and more successful resolutions, and opportunities to better utilize funding.

Interaction between law enforcement and the citizens. Being a proactive part of the communities means more than just maintaining an open door policy. The services provided by the sheriff’s department need to reach all parts of the county.  They need to work with city councils and the board of supervisors, actively seeking ways to better serve and support their efforts. Involvement in schools as appropriate role models and mentors will build trust and teach the future leaders and residents of the county about all aspects of law enforcement. Most importantly, the sheriff and his deputies must be visible and approachable. As sheriff, William will implement policies that provide for more active involvement throughout Floyd County.

Efficiency and effectiveness of the department. With limited funds and more responsibilities, efficiency is more important then ever. William’s experience shows that by better assigning personnel, working with other agencies, prioritizing needs and making better use of funds, higher levels of service can be achieved while operating within an appropriate budget. William has been successful in entering existing departments and enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency and he believes this can be done in the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department.

Leading by example. William’s profile is filled with case after case of proven leadership and successful management of personnel. His policy of leading by example has not only been proven successful time and time again, but he believes it is the honorable thing to do. As sheriff, William will expect all employees of the department to be accountable for their actions or lack of action. He strongly believes that being a servant of the community is a privilege and a lifestyle, not just a job, and that people within the department have an inherent responsibility to do the right thing regardless of being on or off duty.

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