Law Enforcement Career

Police Officer - City of Charles City, Iowa
Oct 2006 to Present

Community Oriented Police Officer
Liaison between the public and private agencies involved in social services and law enforcement. Develop relationship with staff from outside agencies to facilitate sharing of information between other agencies. Researches, prepares, and implements proactive crime prevention strategies.

School Resource Officer
Coordinate security as the school and events for the police department, Develops presentations to educate students on drugs, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, safety for students.

Housing Fraud Investigator
Interview, interrogates, and process offenders of the housing program as required.

County Prescription Drug Collection: Participated in two National Drug Take Back days in the community and was approved by US Department Of Justice as a collection point for the entire county on a daily basis.

Public Safety Dispatcher - City of Charles City, Iowa
July 2006 to Oct 2006


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