Law Enforcement Training

The following is a partial list of law enforcement related training and certificates William Vetter has received since beginning his law enforcement career. Click on each item to view the actual certificate.

Post Active Shooter - Hostile Event Training Course July 2016
Active Shooter Conference & Threat Assessment Core Concepts Oct 2014
Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice Aug 2014
Mental Health Training Jan 2014
IOWA/NCIC Jan 2014
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Response Training April 2012
Iowa Drug Endangered Children 2012 March 2012
Bloodborn Pathogens Feb 2012
IOWA/NCIC Feb 2012
ICE Presentation Dec 2011
Weapons Qualifyer Dec 2011
Hazardous Materials Awareness Nov 2011
School Safety and Terrorism April 2011
Salvage Vehicle Theft Examination March 2011
Crisis Management for School-based Incidents March 2011
PACT360 Train-the-Trainer Nov 2010
Child Abduction Response and Search Protocols Oct 2010
DataMaster DMT breath alcohol analysis Oct 2010
Iowa Drug Endangered Children Conference April 2010
Intelligence for the Steet Cop Sept 2009
Public Safety Volunteer Workshop Sept 2009
School Resource Officers - School Safety Conference April 2009
Alco-Sensor FST June 2009
Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment March 2008
Reality-Based Scenario Oct 2007
Cardiac Emergencies June 2007
Penetrating Trama June 2007
Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Basic Level Traing April 2007
ASP Tactical Baton April 2007
Doppler Radar Operation April 2007
Standardized Field Sorbriety Testing April 2007
Implied Consent Law April 2007
MDTS April 2007
Monadnock Persuader April 2007
TASER April 2007
Hazmat Operations March 2007
Pursuit Intervention Techniques (P.I.T) March 2007
Intro to National Incident Management Systems Feb 2007
Basic IOWA System Training Sept 2006
Intro to Incident Command System Sept 2006
Defensive Flashlight & Defensive Knife Techniques  


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